Contract & User

UPDATED April 10, 2021

1. Commitment of the parties

The Client and the Service Provider undertake to collaborate actively in order to ensure the proper execution of the contract. Each one undertakes to communicate all the difficulties of which he is aware, as they arise, to allow the other party to take the necessary measures.

2. Costs and ancillary services

The price of the service is firm. It is stated exclusive of tax and expressed in US Dollars. The Service Provider may review the price of the service and reset it to the current rate as soon as the project is implemented. The conditions of the offer relate exclusively to the services specified in the quote or order form signed and validated. The corrections requested by the Customer are not unlimited. Any request for correction or additional service not provided for in the initial quote / order form, and involving significant additional work on the part of the Service Provider, will be invoiced by the hour on the basis of $30 / hour. The Service Provider may however offer additional services such as printing or hosting. These prices will be explained and mentioned in the quote or order form, and will therefore be included in the overall price of the service offered to the Customer.

3. Order form and start of work

The estimate and the GTC (general conditions of sale) signed by the Customer are valid together exclusively for acceptance of the contract by using Upwork Direct Contract services. The work will begin when the customer approve the contract and submit 100% amount in escrow Provided by Upwork Direct Contract services.

4. Invoice and payment

By signing the contract through Upwork Direct Contract services. You have to submit the 100% of the payment in Escrow. When the Contract comes to it ends or Completed. Service Provider will send you the Payment Release Request. within 5 business days you have to accept the payment release request. The prices are expressed in Dollars (US) and excluding taxes.

5. Validations, deadlines, delivery

Upon signature of the quote, the Customer undertakes to provide the textual and graphic content allowing it to be produced within three weeks. In the event of late delivery of documents or information by the Customer, a new implementation schedule will be sent by the Service Provider.
In the event that the customer does not respond to requests for communication of the documents and information requested and necessary for the performance of the service within a reasonable time, the parties agree that the continuation of the contract may give rise to a price revision.
In the absence of validation or a request for modification of the models by the customer within a period of fifteen days, they will be considered as validated by both parties.
Any new requests made by the Client during the development of the project will be the subject of a separate estimate and will extend the time initially announced, which can therefore no longer be met.
The website creation process set up by DesignbyBaxit requires that the website graphics be validated before going into production.
Respecting the deadlines indicated requires the Client to be active on his project, and in particular to respond quickly to requests made to him by (Designbybaxit).
In general, new requests, regular changes of opinion or a lack of responsiveness on the part of the Customer, will have an impact on the announced deadlines which can no longer be met. The Customer would therefore be solely responsible, in these cases, for non-compliance with the deadlines.

6. Scope of the services offered

6.1. Website Creation
The website creation service includes the creation of a general structure of the site, a graphic charter, definition of sections, navigation, fonts, construction of the site itself, integration of interactive elements such as forms in line, hypertext links and images and statistical tools if necessary, publication by ftp.After having studied the content with the client and established by mutual agreement a graphic charter, the Service Provider offers before final publication an online version (which can be consulted privately by the Client) for the validation of the start of production. It is recalled that the Customer undertakes to provide the texts and photographs to be inserted in the various sections of the website.
6.2 Domain & Hosting
The Service Provider acting only as a technical intermediary with the naming organizations for the reservation of domain names, it is therefore necessary to take into account the general conditions of sale of these organizations.The Customer remains the sole owner of the domain name. He acknowledges using the domain name in accordance with the legislation in force and the rights of third parties.
The Customer's website will be hosted on his behalf by the Service Provider with the Webflow provider (unless otherwise specified when signing the quote). The allocated Internet space is guaranteed to be ad-free.
6.3. Monitoring and maintenance
Designbybaxit ensures the follow-up of the site delivered for 3 months after going online.This service includes the correction of minor bugs which would not have been detected before the start of production (and remaining within the limit of the services fixed in the contract), and which would come under the responsibility of the Service Provider.This does not include new requests for graphic or structural modifications from the Client. This does not include setting up additional optimization for the SEO of the site. This also does not include the return to service of the site in the event of service interruption by the supplier, in the event of improper handling by the Customer, or in the event of hacking of the site.
This service also includes advice for writing content, updating the site, handling the back-office, or any other request from the Customer.

7. Rights to the work carried out

It is recalled here for information that according to the Pakistan Code of Intellectual Property, the moral right of a creation (including the right of disclosure, the right to respect for the work and right of withdrawal) is attached to its creator in a perpetual and imprescriptible manner.

8. Copyright and commercial notice

Unless the Client explicitly mentions the contrary, the Service Provider reserves the right to include in the realization a commercial mention clearly indicating his contribution, such as the formula "Designed By Baxit", accompanied when the medium allows it with a hypertext link pointing to the commercial site of its activity

9. Right of publicity

Unless the Client explicitly mentions the contrary, notified by mail with acknowledgment of receipt, Designbybaxit reserves the right to mention its achievement for the client company as a reference in the context of its commercial prospecting, external communication and advertising efforts.